Kacey Doherty – Poetry Express

I have been interested in the Student Based Creative Exchange from the moment I first heard about it through one of my close friends at this university. The idea of creating an original and unique installation or presentation was something that caught my attention since I have been involved in many artistically challenging classes and projects throughout my life. Most recently I have been highly interested in writing poetry. Normally I write about feelings and emotions that I experience throughout my daily life… for a long while “love” was a common theme that usually consumed the pages in my notebook. I thought for this class that it would be a fun experiment to come up with a series of poems that related to every day college students. What I would then do is post these poems throughout a freshmen apartment complex with pens hanging off to the side. The purpose of these pens would be so it could allow the interaction of others to share their thoughts and feelings about the specific poems that they read. My whole idea, being a Sociology major, would be to grasp some sort of sociological perspective on the minds of freshmen college students. Having already experienced my first year in college 2 ½ years ago, I can recall feeling lost and confused a lot of the times. It was a time in my life where I was learning myself mentally and physically and it could have helped me get through some break downs if I would have known that others were going through the same things. I hope that by sharing and putting out different emotions to the public, it will influence others to openly share their feelings and feel secure in doing so.


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