Patrick Melroy – AS Bike Shop

AS Bike Shop Vinyl

The project came about as a collaboration between Nikki Leone and Patrick Melroy to create a site-specific permanent installation of art in the new Associated Student Bike Shop. Through several discussions with the managers of the Bike Shop Nikki and Patrick generated several ideas for the interior of the shop. The shop managers introduced the idea of a mural on the wall above their workspace, which runs the length of the shop. Nikki present a concept drawing for a dinosaur eating bike parts and leaving full bicycles in its wake. The two artists worked in self-adhesive vinyl via the Art Departments M-Studio to create a forty-foot long image to be adhered permanently to the blank wall. The finished project was installed for the grand opening of the new shop and was met with good reviews at the celebration.
The intention with the project was to give the workers and managers who occupy the space every day a greater ownership and since of identity to the space. The project felt very successful and would seem a strong testament to the Student Based Creative Exchange.

AS Bike Shop Fencing

This project was the collaboration of Mike Astani and Patrick Melroy. The Associated Student Bike Shop was recently re-opened in a new location with a new building. The building sits adjacent to a large parking. The designers of the space separated the parking lot from the outside bike repair area with several reinforced concrete posts. Mike approached the Bike Shop managers about establishing a permanent art installation in the outside work area of the new bike shop. They were generally enthusiastic about the project, which went through several proposals and revisions. After meetings with several different overseeing authorities it was decided that fencing placed between the concrete poles would be both acceptable and beneficial. The attempt would be to utilize several discarded and recycled bike parts from Mike?s collection to create the fencing. Many different versions of fencing segment would be generated out of metal and installed in such a way that they could be removed easily by the staff of the bike shop if needed. The final fencing needed to be weather proof and safe to students using the bike shops repair yard.
Mike and Patrick worked out various drawings and concepts utilizing every part of a bike in multiple forms. Many of the fence segments would incorporate one specific bike part, wheels for instance or just front forks in a repeating pattern. Several of the fence segments were manufactured and custom fit to the space between poles. The construction still continues today, through welding and bolting processes. The scope of the project was such that it may continue for several weeks past the conclusion of the Winter 2010 quarter, but is on track to meet its completion soon. This is on par with the Bike Shop?s schedule as client, and inside the acceptable time frame of the budget for the project. The completed segments have been presented to the managers of the bike shop and were very well received. The final installation of all fencing will likely invoke a new celebration.


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