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Michael Astani – Infallible Speaker

I first began thinking about public speaking and its relationship to learning when thinking about when I visited the speaker’s corner in Hyde’s Park in London. Issues surrounding public speaking, its implications, and free spaces have always interested me. Having narrowed the scope I then looked to outside sources. I read two books: The future of ideas: the fate of the commons in a connected world by Lawrence Lessing and Stilled Tongues: From Soapbox to Soundbite by Stephen Coleman. Continue reading


Daniel Milton – Choose Your Own History

I decided to make a poetry history book which would teach history by having the correct timeline compared to false ones. In other words it was like a “choose your own story” book with multiple endings. In addition, to compliment each poem I would try to do a collage for each one. I decided to focus on American history from the American Revolution to the Present.

Continue reading

Martin Castro – Message Board

The role of my board is to create a tangible message board with the theme of learning something new everyday of our lives. By writing down something the viewer has learned that day they are teaching other viewers with this knowledge with out having to directly interacting with the other viewers. My board will act as a liaison between viewers.  I believe that the context on the board will not only be based on its location but also on the type of people that decide to interact with it. I want the board to be inviting so it draws a wide range of people in to participate. I think that the more diversity the better. Continue reading

Zephyr McIntyre – Isla Vista Fairy Tale

I had multiple concepts at the beginning.  With a suggestion from class I combined and simplified my initial concepts.
I started with wanting to do work about fantasy and puns and Isla Vista craziness.  I combined the fantasy and Isla Vista themes into one manageable concept for a series.
I worked with Jared White.  He assisted with art direction and personnel management.  We brainstormed ideas and directions.  He helped me stay on track and develop my ideas. Continue reading

Julian Scalia – Truck Temple

Origin: The basis of this concept first occurred to me whilst backpacking through the wilderness of Patagonia, Chile. I had been playing with the idea of creating a convoy of unique vehicles that served a greater purpose. I wanted to build immersive living and playing environments. My goal was too construct a habitat that provided a space in which individuals could explore their relationship with the world. Continue reading

Daniela Campins & Nikki Leone – Interstice

With this experiment Nikki Leone and Daniela Campins intend to build a standing sculpture that comments on the artificiality of our built environment. By taking apart an architectural scale maquette of an already existent complex, the artists play with this found object and rearrange it into impossible structures. By definition a Maquette is the sketch or preliminary model used to visualize the shapes and ideas of a final product such a sculpture, or building. The intent is an ongoing event with the potential to re-incarnating into several arrangements and possibilities, so it is not a permanent piece. Continue reading

Patrick Melroy – AS Bike Shop

AS Bike Shop Vinyl

The project came about as a collaboration between Nikki Leone and Patrick Melroy to create a site-specific permanent installation of art in the new Associated Student Bike Shop. Through several discussions with the managers of the Bike Shop Nikki and Patrick generated several ideas for the interior of the shop. Continue reading