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Daniela Campins & Nikki Leone – Interstice

With this experiment Nikki Leone and Daniela Campins intend to build a standing sculpture that comments on the artificiality of our built environment. By taking apart an architectural scale maquette of an already existent complex, the artists play with this found object and rearrange it into impossible structures. By definition a Maquette is the sketch or preliminary model used to visualize the shapes and ideas of a final product such a sculpture, or building. The intent is an ongoing event with the potential to re-incarnating into several arrangements and possibilities, so it is not a permanent piece. Continue reading


Patrick Melroy – AS Bike Shop

AS Bike Shop Vinyl

The project came about as a collaboration between Nikki Leone and Patrick Melroy to create a site-specific permanent installation of art in the new Associated Student Bike Shop. Through several discussions with the managers of the Bike Shop Nikki and Patrick generated several ideas for the interior of the shop. Continue reading

James Darling – CITIZEN Redux 2.0

“C I T I Z E N” Redux 2.0
10 minute short film. Collaboration with Max Wiedmann

In an eerie not-too-distant future, a young man tries to escape from his homeland in the dead of winter. As this teenage boy is chased by hunters through the harsh wilderness approaching the border, he recalls the perilous steps of his journey and the fateful doctor’s visit that motivated his departure.

Boy or Man? Hero or Traitor? Refugee or Fugitive? C I T I Z E N.

This new version of Citizen features new footage and a dynamic element prepared in anticipation of the film’s release online and promotion in the new edition of the popular textbook “Producing and Directing the Short Film & Video” by David Irving & Peter Rea.

Alysia Michelle James – Aetheria

Aetheria is an experience in metaphysical healing. It is an avant garde exposition of dance, song, hula hooping, puppetry, aerial and fire dance. The show contains three separate stories told through the original music of Alysia Michelle James. Stories of evil magicians, love lorn ballerinas, sad clowns, angels, demons, etheric bodies, sailors, gypsies and the like. Premiering in May at the Pescadrome.

Desiree D’Alessandro – dysTOPIC: welcome to our BioArt laboratory!

Rebecca Levine, Desiree D’Alessandro, and Se Young have synthesized their expertise in a curious collaborative work that provokes discourse on issues of sustainability, simulacra, and sense of self. Their generated lab is constructed strictly from recycled materials: collected glass jars, UCSB potable irrigation water waste, as well as cloned succulent clippings. By duplicating these living organisms, the work investigates ethical, social, and aesthetic concerns regarding the human relationship with empowered institutions. Through audience interaction the lab will be deconstructed and the cloned succulents will be distributed to the public as take-away artifacts that construct reflection and inquiry.

Melissa Chhan- Have Your Cake & Eat It, Too

“You can’t have your cake and eat it, too” is a famous English idiom that translates to: things people want are often incompatible. But in my case, I think you can have your cake and eat it, too. My project is not a holistic tangible sculpture or painting, but a series of experience that encompass all three together by creating socially-engaged works: from workshops, to bake sales to DIY zines (my zine is also called “Have Your Cake & Eat It, Too”). My goal is to make art, activism and baking work together to inform people and empower them to be creative. My passions for art, activism and baking guided me towards incorporating those three subjects together, and I feel that baking is also a great bonding experience and it fills stomachs at the same time—let them eat cake!

Kacey Doherty – Poetry Express

I have been interested in the Student Based Creative Exchange from the moment I first heard about it through one of my close friends at this university. The idea of creating an original and unique installation or presentation was something that caught my attention since I have been involved in many artistically challenging classes and projects throughout my life. Most recently I have been highly interested in writing poetry. Continue reading